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Hi lovelies my names is Dee , I’ve been doing lashes and beauty therapy for over 6 years and Ive worked from my home studio since October 2018  it’s called Dee-lightful Beauty.

Let’s start with premade lashes , I trained in Russians in 2014  and let me tell you they’re amazing they look amazing, they feel amazing!!! BUT  for me , I stressed over time , over getting them perfect , working 12 hr days my hands were so sore and cramping. I decided to try premade volume fans and I LOVE them no more stressing about fans closing , they take so much less time BUT premades can be bloody expensive like I paid up to $25 a tray!!!!  So I spent months trying suppliers , I’d been using these lashes and selling them to local girls, then I thought stuff it I’d try help everyone else out by selling them as cheap as I could also selling everything as cheap as I can with premium quality. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to shoot me a msg or jump on to my Instagram page Deelightful Lashes Supplies. 


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